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Traditional Cuisines of Argentina That You Must Try

If you've already been to Argentina, how many of these have you tried? Or maybe it's on your list, either way you may be searching for the nearest restaurant that serves Argentinian cuisine when you finish reading!

The locals in Argentina don't try to disguise their love for food. The colorful city life and top-notch restaurants experienced in the capital of the country, Buenos Aires, will leave you wanting more. To fill you in on some of the dishes that the locals and tourists frequently visit the country for, continue reading. By the end of this piece, you will have eight amazing cuisines to try out.


This uncooked sauce is rich in flavor with hints of garlic and parsley, oregano, and red wine vinegar touching your palette in a flavor explosion. This sauce is traditionally served as a condiment to meat.


As the nation’s staple dish, you will find it offered at nearly all restaurants throughout Argentina as well as made in the homes of the natives. This dish is created by serving mouthwatering slabs of meat over an open fire.


Delightful pastries filled with meats, potatoes, boiled egg pieces, and scallions smothered in a thick red sauce and cheese to create what the country calls the empanada. Although empanadas are easily found at restaurants all over the world, they don’t get any more authentic than what you will find in Argentina.


Fettuccine, gnocchi, and cannellini are just a few of the favored kinds of pasta of Argentina. Throughout the nation, you can find many delicate pastas made fresh at restaurants and marketplaces.


This hearty dish is usually served in northern Argentina and over the colder winter months. This thick and flavorful stew is made with meat, potatoes, carrots, peppers, and sweet corn, topped with dried apricots and raisins, then cooked on the grill in a hollowed-out pumpkin.

Media Lunas

This breakfast dish takes its influence from France. It is a flaky pastry baked with lard or butter then brushed with a sugar glaze. It is a quick yet sufficient way to start the day with coffee.


For those with an intense craving for sweets, the alfajores are a sandwich cookie with a thick Dulce de Leche paste made with caramelized milk. The cookie is dipped in chocolate and coconut flakes.


For this plate, a cut of veal or chicken is pounded thin and coated with breadcrumbs. The cuts are then pan-fried and served with mashed potatoes and topped with egg or cheese sauce.

Do Good:

Be sure to dine at locally owned and operated restaurants when you travel! Every time we make an effort to spend our tourist dollars this way, we are helping the local people and their families! Often they are sourcing their ingredients locally as well, which is an added benefit to the local economy.

If Argentina is on your bucket list, let us know and we can match you will the perfect visit to suit your travel style.


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