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Make a positive impact just by travelling!

Here at Jesa Travel, not only are we experts in planning your next getaway, but we care about the people, animals, and ecosystems on our planet. We have committed to providing travel that is sustainable and gives back in numerous ways.

What is Sustainable Travel?

It has one or more of these elements:

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Wildlife conservation

Protecting wildlife while you travel is simple!

  • Chose companies that have partnerships with wildlife conservation efforts.

  • Avoid entertainment where an animal is held in captivity that isn't for rehabilitation.

  • Report injured or abused wildlife.

  • Voluntourism.


travel partners

Our travel partners are hand-picked to meet our criteria of having two or more of the sustainability elements.

We keep up to date with them to learn about new initiatives and the progress of their sustainability plans.

5 trees planted

For every household that travels with us, we will plant five trees in Canada.

When you travel the world, trees get planted across Canada.

carbon offsets

Many of our travel partners include offsetting the carbon of the trip at no extra cost. For trips that do not have this feature, we can provide you with instructions to purchase your own offsets should you wish to.


We have eliminated all single-use plastics in all of our operations and have strict recycling policies for all recyclable materials.

We have also committed to environmental efficiencies such as avoiding printing documents and using recycled materials whenever possible.

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