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6 Islands you can experience on a Galapagos cruise.

A classic bucket list adventure and leader in sustainable travel experiences, the Galapagos Islands are something to see!

The Galapagos Islands are an amazing attraction for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Composed of 18 main islands and approximately 215 islets that were created by volcanic activity, there are many different species of flora and fauna for you to see. Take a small group tour cruise to discover the wonders that await. Here are the six most common island experiences that you will see on an eco-cruise in the Galapagos.

Santa Cruz Island

Enjoy sprawling beaches full of sea lions bathing in the sun. Next, take a nature walk to observe the unique species of animals and plants, as well as craters and lava tunnels. Here you will also find the famed Charles Darwin Research Centre, which focuses on the conservation of the native animal and plant species.

Fernandina Island

The third largest of the islands, and is an active shield volcano. For safety reasons, you will only visit the outskirts. Here you can view a large colony of iguanas and many different species of birds. Enjoy a relaxing time on your private boat with your fellow travellers.

San Cristóbal Island

Go for a hike up to see a view of the island, the famed giant cactuses, and of course incredible wildlife. Often getting onto the island requires a "wet landing," so be prepared for adventure!

Isabela Island

Visit Puerto Villami, which is a small village on the island. Here you can find restaurants, tourist shops, and even a tortoise breeding centre. Go snorkelling at Concha de Perla, hike to the rim of the Sierra Negra volcano, or do both if you please!

Rábida Island

An unpopulated island, here you will find a forest of Palo Santo trees, a red sand beach full of sea lions, and a salt water lagoon. It is the only place in the Galapagos where you can find all of the famed Darwin’s finches.

Santiago Island

It's time to go for a swim! Take a dip with the fish and sea turtles in the protected bay. You can also go for a walk on a beach filled with tidal pools while you take in the fresh air and observe the wildlife.

Do Good

The Galapagos is the world's first UNESCO world heritage site and thereby designated to be protected.

The Islands are part of The Galapagos National Park, and the ministry of tourism in Ecuador have require that tour providers must take steps to conserve water and energy, source local food, treat waste material, and recycle. They must also hire and train local people as employees and pay them a fair wage.

If the Galapagos Islands weren't already on your list, are they now? Let us know when you're ready to plan a visit there and we will get you set up with tour that has this incredible destination's best interests in mind.


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