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Tips for More Sustainable Travel

As parts of the world gear up to receive travellers or start adventuring out again, many have had the realization over this downtime to re-evaluate what is important to them. Most people have said that sustainability is important when they start to travel again. Let's take a look at simple ways that you can do this on your next trip.

Sustainable Transportation

When possible, choosing transportation that has lower emissions such a trains or public transportation can make a big difference. Many travel companies are (or already have) upgrading their vehicles, river or ocean cruise ships, and airplanes to be more efficient and use less fuel and/or more environmentally friendly fuel.

Choose direct flights

More take off and landings produce more greenhouse emissions than longer, more direct flights. For this reason, try to choose direct flights whenever possible, and as a bonus you will likely spend less money and get to your destination quicker!

Pack light

You can reduce your carbon footprint just by bringing less with you! Doing so reduces the weight onboard and less fuel is needed to reach your destination.

Pack Smart

Here are some items you can bring that reduce waste and are environmentally friendly:

  • reusable straws, food containers, and cutlery (with a pipe cleaner and environmentally friendly dish detergent)

  • cloth shopping bags

  • reef safe sunscreen

  • natural mosquito repellant

  • package free shampoo and conditioner bars (or refillable travel size containers)

  • reusable water bottle

  • bamboo toothbrush

  • reusable face cloths as opposed to single use wipes

Spend Local

When you shop for your souvenirs, buying from local artisans ensures that more tourist dollars stay in the local economy.

The same things goes for accommodations, restaurants, and tour companies. Using companies that are owned locally and employ locals is the best way to distribute wealth to the local people. Don't worry, our hand picked travel partners can take care of this for you!

Wildlife Conservation

Avoid taking part in attractions where animals are held in captivity, bred, or used for entertainment. There are some genuine animal rehabilitation and conservation centres that you can visit that promote the welfare of animals at risk, but it's important to make sure they are operating ethically and with the animals best interests in mind. All of our travel experiences are vetted in advance to make sure they meet this criteria if animals are involved.

Choose Sustainable Companies

Travel companies are becoming more and more aware of their environmental, social, and economical impact. Many of them are choosing to be more responsible as well as have additional philanthropy programs that give back. By travelling with companies like these you are making a positive impact on the places that you visit!

Protect Those at Risk

Travel with companies that make sure that tourism is mutually beneficial for both the visitors and the local indigenous people. Many of our travel partners have programs that help women and children at risk as well, and you can even make donations before and while you're on your trip to help out with these programs.

Make the Most of Your Destination

When you travel far away, stay longer if you can. Surely most people would love to do this! Enjoy a longer vacation, and in the meantime get the most out of your journey there.

There are so many ways that you can travel in a responsible and sustainable way, and you don't have to do any extra work or spend any extra money (unless you want to)! When you're ready for your next vacation, be sure to reach out to Jesa Travel so that we can make sure you have the best time ever, while leaving a positive impact.


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